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Dangerous Goods & Regulations

Category 7 – 11

For Passenger Handling Staff, Freight Forwarders, Operators and Ground Handling Agents personnel who are involved in in the storage and loading of baggage, cargo and post office mail.

Brief information :

Course Detail :

The Dangerous Goods Regulations (Cat.7-11) is a mandatory course course under the Malaysian Civil Aviation Act 1969, Malaysian Civil Aviation Regulations 1996 for Passenger Handling Staff, Freight Forwarders, Operators and Ground Handling Agents personnel who are involved in in the storage and loading of baggage, cargo and post office mail.

The course is made mandatory Internationally by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and is administered and enforced nationally by the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia.

The Dangerous Goods Regulations (Cat. 7-11) programs offered by Learning Evolution Organisation Sdn. Bhd are approved by the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia

A workforce with an awareness of the dangerous goods regulations is vital to prevent Dangerous goods accidents, incidents and violations of the Regulations which are strictly enforced by the Malaysian authorities.

Course Objectives 

At the end of the course participants will be able to:


Define dangerous goods


List the 9 Classes of dangerous goods


Explain briefly the hazard of each class


State briefly Laws & Regulations on Dangerous Goods


List Shipper’s, Freight Forwarders Responsibilities


Use the List of Dangerous Goods


Recognise dangerous goods labels, packages, docs


Correctly load dangerous goods cargo


Check for hidden dangerous goods


Apply Emergency Procedures

Course Contents



Dangerous Goods allowed as passenger baggage


Classification of dangerous goods


Identification of dangerous goods


Packing of dangerous goods


Marking and Labelling of dangerous goods packages


Dangerous Goods Laws & Penalties for violations


Identifying Hidden Dangerous goods


Storage and Loading Requirements


Documentation used for dangerous goods shipments


Emergency Procedures

Instructor's Profile

Wilfred Vaz

Wilfred Vaz is a leading Dangerous Goods Regulations and Air Cargo Logistics Consultant in the country.

Wilfred is the Managing Director of Learning Evolution Organisation(LEO).

LEO conducts the Dangerous Goods Regulations program with the approval of the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia since 2009.

He has over 22 years experience with Mas Cargo Operations and 13 years with Mas Academy.

At the Academy he was instrumental in spearheading Air Cargo Logistics training for the industry. Among the most significant is the enhancement of Safety & Security in the Aviation Industry through the Dangerous Goods Regulations.

The policy of mandatory training in this discipline regulated and enforced by the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia has been embraced by Shippers, Freight Forwarders and Airlines in the country.

Wilfred holds the IATA Air Cargo Diploma (Distinction) and IATA Certificates in Dangerous Goods Regulations (Distinction), Cargo Skills & Procedures (Distinction), Advanced Cargo Skills & Procedures (Distinction), Air Cargo Management (Distinction) & Professional Skills for Instructors(Distinction).

He also holds a Masters in Marketing (University of Northumbria, Newcastle, U.K.) and the MCILT (Member, Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport).

He was a member of the IATA Dangerous Goods Training Task Force form 2005-2008.

He was a member of the SIRIM Working Group on Dangerous Goods transportation from 1998-2008. He held the position of Chairman of the Organising Committee of the first National Level Dangerous Goods Seminar & Conference in 2000 organised under the auspices of SIRIM.

He has delivered papers at various forums on the subject of Air Cargo Logistics & the
Dangerous Goods Regulations.

Courses conducted by Wilfred Vaz :

Leona Risha

Leona is a Graduate in Psychological Science & Business from Monash University.

She holds the following Professional credentials: 

  • IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations Certificate(Distinction) 
  • IATA Professional Skills for Dangerous Goods Instructors Certificate 
  • Learning Evolution Organisation Dangerous Goods Regulations Certificate(Distinction) 
  • PSMB Train The Trainer Certificate

 Leona is a certified Malaysian Department of Civil Aviation Dangerous Goods Regulations Instructor

Leona has conducted the Dangerous Goods Regulations and Dangerous Goods Regulations Recurrent for Operators, Shippers and Freight Forwarders. And DGR for Categories 7-11 personnel.

She has working experience in Logistics.

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